About learnfeliz

What is learnfeliz?

learnfeliz is an interactive language learning game designed to make language acquisition enjoyable. Unlike many existing language learning applications that focus heavily on structured lessons, you can freely choose what to learn. The words that make up a sentence are easily distinguishable by visual cues like emojis.

How did it start? My personal story.

I had German, French, English and Dutch classes in high school. The two subjects where I had the lowest grades for were German and French. I was just terrible in language acquisition.

However I had picked up a Spanish book last year out of interest and it made reading and understanding Spanish a very enjoyable leisure activity for me.

Regarding the second point: sometimes you think you hate an activity even though you did that activity in your teenage time. If you haven't actually tried to do that activity for a while, I want you to figure out if you actually hate it now that you are older. Maybe the reasons of you hating that activity were out of your hands back then: your teacher could have ruined it, you might have been in a bad spot in life or you might not have had the correct relations to do what you have wanted. It might also simply just not have "clicked" with you.
That's why I suggest you to retry that activity. I did that for learning languages. And who would have thought that I would actually like it? Not my teenage self, at least.

How can I give feedback?

We value your feedback! Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions, which you can do by accessing the dropdown menu located on the top right corner of the screen.