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Hola Bonjour Hallo Ciao Olá Hallo Привет (Privet) Merhaba Γειά σας (Yia sas) Hej Hei Hej Hei Cześć Helló

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You only see learning material which is made for your language level as we automatically adjust the questions and content based on how good your comprehension of a language is. This is what we call the "Zone of proximal development".

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Dutch course

🍎 Appel

📚 Boek

🏠 Huis

🚲 Fiets

🐶 Hond

🏫 School

🌳 Boom

☕ Koffie

🚗 Auto

💡 Lamp

❤️ Liefde

Spanish course
  • party
  • feast
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Learn a new language, the fun way.

learnfeliz is an interactive language learning game designed to make language acquisition enjoyable. Unlike many existing language learning applications that focus heavily on structured lessons, you can freely choose what to learn. The words that make up a sentence are easily distinguishable by visual cues like emojis, part of speech.

Ask questions to native speakers.

Ask a question about a specific sentence or word and watch as the native speakers in our community provide insightful answers. No more struggling alone – collaborative learning is at the heart of learnfeliz.

Turkish course
I have a question
In the sentence "Yarın bir partiye gitmek istiyorum.", what does "istiyorum" mean?

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